A mirror that makes you feel better about yourself

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Started by an all-female band from Texas called The Mrs, #imEnough attempts to change the way women feel about their appearance with the use of a special mirror. As you’ll see from the video, when you look in this mirror, it asks how you feel when you look at yourself.

Unsurprisingly, all of the women filmed responded with things like ”Hot mess” or ”Woof.” And – this is where it gets good – when the women said negative things like this, the mirror responded with totally emotional videos of their friends and family saying how amazing and beautiful they are. That they are ”enough” just the way they are. Oh how we wish our bathroom mirror had this function.

Källa: Cosmopolitan UK


Vad tror ni? Är det tillräckligt att vara bra på insidan? Eller om man känner sig bra på insidan känner man sig då bra på utsidan också?

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